Voice of reason for many of us

Dear Editor,
Thank you so much for printing the letter titled, ‘Behaviour is not acceptable’, Pg. 6, May 16 issue of the ECA Review, including the very apt image.

I was beginning to lose faith in my fellow Canadians and was not even going to bother looking through the usually strident news.
But, wow, this article expresses what I would love to believe is the voice of reason for many of us.

I am a 60 year old woman who would never dream of forcing anyone to read F-anything in public.

The parallel to the Hitler’s Brown Shirts has been in my mind also and of anyone who paid attention in History class.

I was recently screamed and sworn at for suggesting one of my neighbours slow down when there were children playing along our road. She did this while her young school age child was sitting beside her in the car.

Thus the loss of faith.

Thanks again to you and to Dan Peterson for speaking out. Unlike most of the rest of the world, we are very lucky to have the ‘freedom’ to do so.

‘The only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good people to sit by and do nothing.’

Leslie Enns,
Donalda, Alta.

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