Villages spearhead infrastructure design project

Big Valley report

A Big Valley council initiative begun in 2015 to create design guidelines for the village has reached another step council learned at their Jan. 25 meeting.

Design guidelines provide requirements for infrastructure projects like building sidewalks or laying roadbeds.

Until now, villages have had to adapt city designs to suit village needs. An example CAO Michelle White gave was a heavily travelled city road requires greater depth of base and pavement than a less used village road. Village roads built to city guidelines end up being overbuilt costing more money.

With 18 villages supporting the application, Big Valley will apply for a grant through Alberta Community Partnership (ACP) for $54,000 to fund the project. White has contacted Red Deer County to request their help to tender the project if the grant application is success.

New fire regulations
Bylaw 818 – Control of Fire and Recovery of Fire Protection Service Costs received second reading. One of the major new components stipulates who can declare a fire ban in the village.

Stettler Regional Fire Department Fire Chief Mark Dennis, Big Valley Fire Chief Lori Gordon, or Big Valley Council will all have authority to declare a fire ban. The bylaw will also regulate fires on public property.

Application simplified
Organizations hosting repeat yearly events and applying for Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) funding will have a pared down application to fill out.

Rather than filling out the entire FCSS form with the same information from the previous year, administration will add a check box indicating the information has not changed, making the process simpler.

Wish list submitted
McKenzie Bridge crossing might finally get another traffic count if council gets its wish from Alberta Transportation. The Ministry requested input on what municipalities want for local roads. Council requested the traffic count, additional signage on Hwy 590 and a possible tourist pull out on Hwy 56.

Training opportunities
Council would like public feedback on offering training courses that could be partially subsidized through FCSS.

Food safety or bartending certification are two of the options council is considering that could be of benefit to village residents.

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