Village requesting MGA inspection

Morrin Council passed a motion unanimously to have Municipal Affairs perform an inspection of the village at their regular meeting on March 21 as per the Municipal Affairs Act 571 (1) b. on the request of the council of the municipality.

Contract for animal control
Morrin Council motioned to contract with Old MacDonalds Kennels out of Ponoka for animal control at their regular meeting on March 21.
The company will make routine visits to the village and the County of Starland, however village administration will determine if a call out on a complaint is warranted and the animal owner will then be held responsible for the three hour travelling time plus expenses.
“An expensive process for whoever is involved,” said Coun. Bob Graham. “I don’t think we really have any choice.”
Mayor Howard Helton asked administration to provide a break down of the charges and have them included in the next water bill.

Website comparisons
Council reviewed a comparison sheet of four quotes for building a website for the village.
Council will ask one of the submitters to attend a future council meeting so council members can ask questions regarding the information in the quote.

Free standing solar panels
In council concerns, Coun. Graham raised the issue of solar panels and other alternate sources of power, wondering if the village bylaws covered all issues that could arise from residents constructing panels, especially free standing solar structures.
“I was just wondering if there should be some thought put into some guidelines”, said Coun. Graham.
“Maybe we should expand on it [bylaw] a little bit because we want people to understand that maybe we don’t want them on everybody’s front lawn or not obstructing the neighours view.”
Graham will see what other jurisdictions have written into their land use bylaws and bring it back to council.
The Code of Conduct and Ethics policy, a policy now made necessary by changes to the new Municipal Affairs Act passed last fall, was approved unanimously.
The policy deals with behaviour of councillors, accountability, conflict of interest, pecuniary interest, bias confidentiality, use of village resources during an election, dispute resolution and disciplinary procedures.
It also includes interaction with administration and the public.

Cannabis bylaw
Council briefly discussed the need to include the sale and use of cannabis within village limits in the land use bylaw.
Council will study the lengthy additional information provided to them before addressing the new wording for the changes to the bylaw.

Council concerns
Under council concerns, Mayor Helton raised an ongoing issue of CAO Annette Plachner looking after her grandson at the village office during work hours.
“I don’t think it’s a problem. Municipal Affairs doesn’t think it’s a problem,” stated Plachner.
Mayor Helton responded stating, “I have to go back to my original concern to me its an image problem and other people in the village feel the same way.
“I’m bringing it up because I don’t feel it’s appropriate.”

Council approved a motion to provide a key, the desk and extra office space in the village office for the Mayor’s Office.
Councillors Graham and M’Liss Edwards viewed and area prior to a motion.
“The building is vulnerable, said Edwards, but everything that requires confidentiality is locked in the vault.
“I’m not so sure,” said Graham, voting against the motion. “It seems that Annette’s a little uncomfortable.”

Council reports
In council reports, Coun. Edwards reported on a full day of union staffing negotiations for the Drumheller and District Seniors Foundation with another full day scheduled for the day following this meeting.
Coun. Graham reported on the Morrin Ag Society’s success in reaching their first goal of $60,000 for the ice plant and have almost reached their second goal of $75,000.
Mayor Helton reported on Community Futures Big Country who have spent some time cleaning up the books and will look at trying to get more interest in their lending policy from small businesses.

Development permit
Shauna Johnson received unanimous approval for the demolition of her old house and garage to be replaced by a new home.
The development approval must be granted by the village before she can take it to Palliser Planning Commission for their approval.

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