Village of Morrin will speak to school builders about water line break

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The Village of Morrin stated it will approach contractors building a new school about a recent water line break. The discussion was held at the Aug. 16 regular meeting of council.

While discussing Public Works activities, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Annette Plachner noted the village recently had to repair a water line break near Morrin school.

Plachner noted a vehicle ran over a shut-off valve that is apparently quite old and that nobody, including the contractors and village, knew about.

Coun. Lorraine MacArthur asked who will be paying the bill for repairing the water line break. Plachner responded likely the village but that she may approach the contractors to share responsibility for the damage.

New subdivision?
Councillors made several comments at the council meeting about property development but noted they could not speak openly about it at this time.

However, Coun. MacArthur asked that if a new residential subdivision is developed in Morrin, does the village have to pay for construction of utility services?
The CAO responded yes, the village will be responsible for installation of services.

Boost from Bell
During her regular report to council Plachner noted the village is currently negotiating with mobile provider Bell Canada over the telecom company’s lease in the village.

Plachner noted the village is proposing a fee of $5,000 per year for Bell’s lease. The CAO stated this lease has not been re-negotiated since 2005.

It was further noted Bell Canada will be providing services to the new Morrin School currently under construction.

Tax time
Councillors inquired about incoming property taxes and Plachner responded taxes, for the most part, are being paid on time.

She did point out however there were a few property owners who haven’t paid yet. The CAO stated she will send these property owners a reminder.

Damaged concrete
Coun. MacArthur noted she’d observed a curb near the school construction side that appeared damaged. “It’s all broken,” said MacArthur. “It’s all wrecked.”

MacArthur asked how the curb was damaged and who was fixing it. Coun. M’Liss Edwards stated contractor vehicles had been driving over that curb quite often during the construction of the school.

Mayor Chris Hall stated the contractors are probably aware they may have damaged the curb and are planning to repair it.

The mayor also noted paving of that section of Main Street that was closed during school construction is scheduled to begin Sept. 14.

Unsightly premises
Councillors discussed a few spots around Morrin that they felt might be unsightly, including those with a number of inert vehicles in their yards.

Councillors also discussed residents trespassing on other residents’ property, defining trespassing as entering private property without permission.

Stu Salkeld
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