Village of Morrin offers second site for proposed RV park

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The Village of Morrin will discuss an alternative site for a proposed RV campground with the stakeholders involved. The decision was made at the June 16 regular meeting of council.

Official Administrator (OA) Harold Johnsrude stated the village had previously been approached by the local Sod House Historical Society with the idea to develop an RV campground on Railway Ave. South. At that time the OA passed the proposal to Village Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Annette Plachner to discuss with the society and Starland County, whose office sits nearby.

Plachner reported she had met with the society and county to discuss the proposal, and noted if it went forward on the site in question an RV campground would require a full re-zoning process, including public advertisement and a public hearing.

Plachner noted the site in question is currently zoned industrial and would need to be re-zoned to commercial service district to accommodate an RV campground. The CAO stated the help of Palliser Regional Municipal Services would probably also be needed.

The CAO stated the village’s land use bylaw would also have to be changed to accommodate the RV campground.

The CAO stated a second site exists behind the arena that’s already zoned commercial service district. This second site also has access to amenities such as the RV dump station.

Plachner added she’s discussed this information with Starland County, but not with the historical society. Johnsrude stated the second site should be discussed with the historical society, as the re-zoning process for the first site could take months for approval, meaning nothing could be done on the site until September or October.

Johnsrude stated he was unsure, as an OA, that he should be considering projects that require public hearings. “I don’t think it’s fair to the residents of the village,” said Johnsrude.

He decided to defer the topic to the July council meeting, which would give Plachner time to discuss the RV campground idea with the historical society.

2nd Ave South

Plachner presented the results of a request she sent to MPE Engineering for the design of 2nd Ave. South infrastructure replacement. The CAO stated MPE responded back that the engineering work would cost $41,000 and would include tender-ready documents.

Plachner recommended this be approved and Johnsrude did so.

Procedural bylaw

Johnsrude noted that the village’s procedural bylaw, passed in May, 2016, required some amendments after a municipal accountability review conducted by the provincial government found some issues. A procedural bylaw lays out the way in which a municipal council will conduct its meetings.

The OA noted the revised procedural bylaw was based on the 2016 document along with other municipality’s bylaws, plus he ran it by Municipal Affairs and they had no objections.

Johnsrude also pointed out he removed some items from the agenda such as accounts payable, as it’s not necessary for those to be approved at a council meeting. Also, delegations must pre-register to appear before council. Johnsrude approved all readings necessary to bring the bylaw into effect.

Tax time

During her report to the OA, Plachner noted property tax notices will be mailed out by June 22.

Hydrant delay

During his regular report Public Works Foreman Dave Benci stated hydrant testing and repairs have been delayed to the fall as his department doesn’t have time to add this to the schedule.

He also noted camera work on Main Street’s utility line was completed June 2 and it appears the line had a hard build-up inside.


Stu Salkeld, Local Journalism Initiative reporter

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