Village of Morrin needs to repair two fire hydrants hears council

Written by Stu Salkeld

The Village of Morrin needs to repair two fire hydrants after council heard a report on the issue at their regular meeting Aug. 19. 

The council meeting was held by teleconference to meet pandemic guidelines.

As councillors discussed “old business” on the agenda, village Chief Administrative Officer Annette Plachner updated councillors on the fire hydrant issue.

She stated a contractor from Three Hills had addressed issues with the fire hydrants and the fire hydrants had been tested and only two need repairs.

Plachner stated valves hadn’t been checked.

Previously, at the May 20 council meeting, councillors heard a report that several staff members including then-village certified water operator Glen Riep and Fire Chief Darcy Davidson, among others, examined municipal fire hydrants and found that, of all the municipal fire hydrants, only the newest one by the Starland County office was operating fully and that all others were difficult to turn or leaked.

The hydrant at the hotel, stated the May 20 report, didn’t work at all.

Councillors instructed Plachner at the May 20 meeting to bring back an in-depth report and at least two quotes so councillors could budget for the repairs.

Water leak

Mayor Helton asked about a previous water leak involving 2nd Ave and 1st street. 

He stated council wanted all information available on all incidents and haven’t received that information yet including the complete cost to taxpayers to this point.

The mayor noted the permanent solution to the problem appears to be replacing water lines along 2nd Ave. North. 

“They all seem to be right in the same area of the intersection,” said Helton, who noted that if the problem is related to leaking iron fixtures, then council would like information about stainless steel or brass replacements.

Coun. M’Liss Edwards stated traffic could be causing trouble for the water lines and also noted the water line in that area wasn’t replaced when the sewer line was.

New stop signs

Plachner gave a report on Starland County’s request to have new stop signs installed at the north end of Railway Ave. and a drawing was presented to councillors. 

“Starland County Public Works foreman and Starland peace officer have requested four stop signs be installed at the above diagram,” stated a memo in the agenda package.

“The county will purchase two signs and have requested the village to purchase two signs as well. 

“This is due to a near head-on collision from an oncoming vehicle coming around the corner and someone leaving the county administration office,” added the memo.

During discussion it was noted the request included a three-way stop at the end of the street and a sign at the entrance to the Starland parking area.

Mayor Helton stated, in his opinion, Starland’s development is the factor behind this request so he felt Starland should pay for all four signs.

A motion to allow the installation of stop signs at the identified places was passed. 

A motion to have the village and county each pay for two signs was defeated. It was inferred that the village will ask the county to pay for all four signs.

Seniors four-plex

Councillors discussed a request from the Drumheller Seniors Foundation at a previous meeting that the village consider taking over operation of the Blooming Prairie seniors four-plex in Morrin.

Coun. Wilton suggested that, before making a decision, councillors should take a close look at the pros and cons of owning it, including needed repairs and rental rates. 

Councillors agreed to table the issue until more information was available.

Property acquisition

Plachner noted that the Noble property acquisition is currently in the Alberta registry’s system. It was noted that demolition can’t occur until the title has changed hands.

Sidewalk shaving

Councillors heard that sidewalk shaving work might be more expensive than first quoted. 

It was stated that the work could cost $3,000 to $4,000, with about $1,200 for a complete quote.

“Our quote that we thought was a quote just turned out to be an assessment,” surmised Helton.

Coun. Melissa Wilton stated the village should just hold off on that work for now. Councillors approved a motion to reconsider the sidewalk shaving work at a later date.


Stu Salkeld, Local Journalism Initiative reporter

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