Village of Clive to enforce Animal Control By-law

Franchise fees provide a much needed alternative revenue stream for municipalities. Motions were passed at the regular council meeting of the Village of Clive on September 10, 2012 to approve a nine per cent franchise fee with FORTIS Alberta and 16.17 per cent with ATCO gas for 2013. Fees are unchanged from 2012.  These fees are reflected on utility bills.
The health and condition of Clive trees were inspected by DeeDee Logsdon this summer.  Village Council accepted the report and approved the removal of trees that were identified as hazardous to people and property or diseased.  Tree removal will be done in the following priority, 4917 – 51 Street, 4823 -51 Street, 5027 – 48 Street (last three only) and 5224 – 48 Street.  Trimming was also recommended for several trees. The monies saved from the 2012 Road Maintenance budget ($9,000) will cover this work.

Dog owners notice
A contract was signed between the Village of Clive and the Alberta Animal Services of Red Deer to enforce and apprehend animals under the Animal Control By-law.  A minimum of two one-hour patrols will be made each month at a cost of $310 and additional call outs are $100 per hour. It is Council’s intention that hours will be increased for July and August 2013.  The contract runs from September 1, 2012 to August 31, 2013.
A new pumper truck has been approved for purchase in partnership with Lacombe County. The total cost is $350,000 split 50/50. The village will fund their portion with the Fire Reserve and Debenture.
Tax concessions
Approval was given to authorize a tax concession for the Clive Seed Cleaning Co-op in the amount of $773.91 for the 2012 tax year. In 2009, the Co-op approached Council to freeze their taxable assessment until it realized a return on its investment of their color sorting project.  The tax concession is based on the difference between the current year’s assessment and the Co-op’s 2009 assessment.  They also received concessions in 2010 and 2011.

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