Village of Clive economically sound: Auditor

The Village of Clive is in sound financial shape living within its means and manages taxpayers’ money well.

“You’re smart about it,” Dan Luymes, auditor for BDO Canada told council during its regular meeting March 29.

The audit revealed that the Village of Clive has low debt, a modest surplus to carry over from last year and has borrowing power remaining.

The village can borrow up to $1.7 million and only has $105,000 in debt leaving $1.6 million of debt limit available.

The draft financial statements indicate an operating surplus for 2015 for $67,000, which is available for council to transfer to reserves for future projects.

At its April 25 meeting council will decide where to put the reserves.
Cat bylaw and curfew
Village of Clive council deferred making a decision on creating a cat bylaw and bringing in a curfew for youth.

Mayor Anita Gillard suggested council send out a survey to residents in their utility bill asking their opinion on a cat bylaw as well as a curfew.

“Let’s get (thoughts) from the people,” she said.

Deputy Mayor Luci Henry agreed.

“I would like to know how the people feel. It’s the only responsible thing to do.”
Village council is considering creating a cat bylaw after a resident asked council in March for help dealing with unwanted cats using her yard as a litter box. The resident says she has tried everything possible for two years to curtail the problem to no avail.

The village is considering a curfew for youth, which would give police a right to stop youth out late at night and ask where they are going and what they are doing.

Mayor Anita Gillard said police have no authority to stop and question youth out at midnight around Clive but if the village had a curfew it would allow police to question them, and if needed, take them home to their parents.

Clive’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Carla Kenney said the next utility bill goes out in May and the questionnaire could be included then.

Council directed administration to draft a survey and include it in the next utility bill.

Regional Business Network
Clive council endorsed the village’s participation in a Regional Business Network (RBN) Business Walks pilot project. Clive partnered with Blackfalds and Rimbey on the initiative.

The RBN is spearheading the pilot Business Retention and Expansion (BR&E) project this spring, which involves site visits to businesses in the region. The visits are to collect data, identify needs and provide assistance.

The pilot project was created by business resource providers including Community Futures and Rural Alberta Business Centres. They aim to promote business sustainability and growth in the region.

“It will tell other communities that you are ready for business,” Marg Phelan, of Community Futures East Parkland, told council at its regular meeting March 29.

It can also show what businesses are needed in Clive and what buildings are for sale. She said that they hope to include the area agricultural businesses and farms.

The walks will take place in Clive on May 12, Rimbey on May 11 and in Blackfalds on May 18.

“I think it’s a really great idea,” said Mayor Anita Gillard.

CAO Carla Kenney said the project will send a message to the business community the village cares and wants businesses to thrive.

CAO report
Clive’s fire chief and fire captain attended a community event in Trochu March 16, which recognized rural fire departments with a $3,000 donation each from Ember Resources, said CAO Carla Kenney in her report to council.

There was an attempted fuel theft from Public Works/Fire Fuel Tank on March 18 with the fuel pump being damaged and locks broken. Repairs were made and surveillance cameras set up in the yard.

CAO Kenney attended an exploratory community crime watch meeting in Lacombe on March 22.  Kenney said there is some interest by those attending in using a Lacombe County Peace Officer on a contract basis for crime prevention services such as community information sessions and site analysis.

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