Village of Clive Council

“A good job was done clearing the roadways and given the large amount of snow that fell, few complaints were received,” said Carla Kenney, CAO, at the Village of Clive Council meeting on November 12, 2013.
Town officials and Village Council were also very appreciative and expressed thanks to Jack VanEaton for volunteering his time and grader to work with Village employees, Tom and Steve, on Sunday, November 3.
With the volume of snow that fell, the grader cleared all roadways first and then went back to clear windrowed driveways.  Clive streets were all passable by Monday afternoon (1½ days after the snow stopped falling) and all windrows were cleared by Tuesday afternoon.  Mayor Gillard contrasted that to Highway 12 which was impassable for four days.

Highway 12/21
Marvin Wieler was appointed as Alternate to the Highway 12/21 Regional Water Services Commission to cover for representatives, Mayor Anita Gillard or Councillor Dan Graden when they are unable to attend.  With an alternate, it will ensure Clive always has two votes.
CAO Carla Kenney said that over the next couple of years Clive will likely be under pressure to sign up to the water pipeline.  Even though the Village is not receiving water yet, it is part of the Commission as it pays a share of the debenture. That enables the costs to be less prohibitive when the Village does sign on.

Fire department volunteers
The Village shares costs with the County of Lacombe to provide their 18 volunteer fire fighters with 24-hour accident insurance for a total cost of $1,841. Clive is responsible for 25 per cent of the premium costs or $460.  The CAO has been instructed to explain the policy to the volunteers so they are aware of what coverage is provided.

Parkland Regional Library
Councillor Bev Krochak reported that the Parkland Regional Library (PRL) is working to change user cards to a bar code which would enable patrons to access libraries outside of the Parkland Region. With these new cards, a person with a PRL library card could take out a book from the Edmonton Public Library and return it to the Clive Library.
Other exciting news was the introduction of ZIDIO at the end of the month which will allow users to download up to 5,500 digital magazines.
As well, $40,000 is being invested in laptop labs with games geared to teenagers, both action-based and knowledge-based.  It will be an opportunity for those who can’t afford to purchase their own games and/or another spot for rural youth to gather.
If this goes over well, PRL will look to include children and adult video games at a later date.

Meeting dates
Village of Clive meetings are normally held the second and fourth Mondays and are open to the public.

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