Village of Cereal closing recreational facilities

Kevin Martin visits the Cereal and District Athletic Association (CAA) including CAA President Sarah Grover on Fri. Aug. 7. Martin was asked to help evaluate the remaining curling equipment as the doors to the curling rink close permanently. ECA Review/Submitted

It may have been a cold and rainy day on Fri. Aug. 7 but it turned out to be a great afternoon for the Cereal and District Athletic Association (CAA). Executive members of the association had the privilege of meeting and spending time with Canadian curler, Kevin Martin.

For those unaware, he is an Olympic, world, and four-time Canadian curling champion as well as a member of the World Curling Hall of Fame.

Martin and his father took time out of their busy schedules to drive south from their home in Flagstaff County to help the CAA evaluate Cereal’s remaining curling equipment.

In fact, he ended up helping them out by purchasing the association’s old sets of curling rocks for a more than fair price.

Kevin Martin’s visit was most certainly the only bright spot in the otherwise sad task of closing Cereal’s curling and skating rinks forever.


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