Village carries zero debt

Jeff Faupel of Endeavor Chartered Accountants attended the regular Morrin council meeting on Sept. 19 to present the 2017 Audited Financial Statements.

Accumulated Assets amounted to $5.1 million from $4.9 in 2016 but Faupel noted that accumulation is tied up in streets, roads, sewer, et cetera.

Operating revenue was $425,873 which is comparable to 2016 revenue, said Faupel, while operating expenses were $532,792, compared to $503,608 in 2016.

With the government transfers for capital and the surplus carry-over, the accumulated surplus assets grew to the $5.1 million.

Council had budgeted for $460,000 and the actual expenditures came to a total of $416,000.

“The’ village had a surplus of $171,000. That’s not a growth in money in the bank,” stated Faupel, “It’s in investment in your capital assets.”

The schedule for wages, salaries and contract services went up from $173,000 to $199,000 which was due to the increase for the Starland Water Authority.

“It’s out of your control, it’s what you have to pay the water authority, so it is what it is,” said Faupel.

Faupel also noted the unrestricted surplus had grown by $9,000.

“This is a good thing, most municipalities, especially from the ratepayers perspective, they want to see that they are not being over-taxed, you’re meeting your budget. Good thing to see. Your surplus basically held it’s own and you can also see your growth was in the Tangible Capital Assets this year, net $161,000.

“The village doesn’t have any debt,” concluded Faupel

Agenda minutes incorrectly stated

The August 27 minutes were approved, as amended, at the regular Morrin Village council meeting on Wed. Sept. 19.

The minutes incorrectly stated that the motion to amend the agenda by adding John Siemens as a delegation “contravenes the Village Procedural By-Law” as stated by Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Annette Plachner.

Mayor Howard Helton asked that it be stroked from the minutes pointing to a Village Bylaw under ‘Agendas for Council Meetings’ where it states “the council shall consider no item of business unless the item has been placed on the agenda, either in the manner described in Sec. 2, or as modification to the agenda approved by a vote at the meeting.”

The motion, as to a recording of the meeting, to add John Siemens to the agenda was carried in a 2 – 1 vote with Coun. Robert Graham opposed, followed by the motion to accept the ‘amended agenda’ which was carried unanimously.

The bylaw states that ‘delegations must provide a written request to appear at a council meeting and include a letter that shall be legible and contain adequate information to the satisfaction of the CAO to enable Council to deal with the matter.’

The bylaw goes on the state that (ii) “clearly identify the topic to be discussed; (iii) clearly identify the request being made to Council, if applicable; (iv) any background information to support the request, if applicable.

Other business

Council agreed to change what used to be former Deputy Mayor David Macleod’s award at the School Awards night to a Village Award for most academically improved Grade 10 student for $200.

Council reviewed information on garbage cans for the village. Resident Dennis Schoonderbeck asked permission to speak, suggesting that steel drums were a good idea and have children from the local school paint them for placement around town.

Council asked CAO Plachner to have public works put together a plan of where these should be located and the number required before moving ahead with any action.

Lids would also have to be purchased for the barrels.


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