Valley Ski Hill user now medaling on international slopes

Written by Terri Huxley

Nakiska World Cup Qualification Run, January 2022.

From the small hamlet of Galahad to the Europa Cup Circuit, Kiersten Vincett has continued to follow her dreams in the Ski Cross world.

In a follow up to an article done by the ECA Review in 2018, much has changed for the local skier since then.

She has changed teams which has been a ‘big step’ as she now is on the Alberta Ski Cross Team.

“I have also had more international opportunities, going to World Juniors in Austria, pre-season training in Switzerland, and now this race trip in Germany, Austria, Italy and France. 

It’s a big step to get used to being on the road for one or two months at a time and travelling with all my ski stuff,” said Vincett.

Currently, Vincett is in Europe racing the Europa Cup Circuit. She placed eleventh in Reiteralm, Austria which has ‘been my best result so far over here’.

Once her next eight races overseas are complete, she will come home to compete at national championships.

“Competing internationally is amazing, I get to represent Canada. It’s different to go from racing your friends and teammates you know well to European competitors. You don’t know how they ski, they speak different languages, and are more aggressive in racing,” she said.

The student athlete has been thankful to compete again after the COVID-19 pandemic put a stifle on plans in 2020.

“It has been so nice to get back to racing after COVID shut down all the competitions last year. At the first race of the season I placed first and third at the North American cup in Nakiska [Ski Area]. I was also able to start my first world cup at Nakiska and finished twenty-fourth. I need to work on some technical aspects of my skiing like tucking and gliding. Tactically I need to ski more aggressively to reduce passing opportunities for the people behind me.”

In the summer she works about 20 hours a week as a bartender at Rapid Ascent brewery, who also sponsor her with their water company, Rök.


During the winter, skiing takes priority but she works and is also a student in the Kinesiology program at the University of Calgary.

A highlight for her was starting her first world cup.

“I wanted to go in and learn as much as possible and I think I achieved that. It’s a much more serious environment and I was racing alongside world class athletes that I look up to. My parents were also volunteering so they got to watch and be there with me,” said Vincett.

Vincett started skiing at the early age of 2.5-years-old, racing at five on the local Valley Ski Hill perched in the Battle River Valley near Alliance.

“My dad was my coach for several years and my mom was the mastermind behind the scenes planning and organizing our club and ski trips. 

“The Valley instilled a life long love of skiing, we were more focused on fun and improving our skiing than winning. It created a foundation to build my ski cross skills on once I moved to Calgary.”

The student athlete has one more month left in Europe to finish off the Europa cup series finishing with Finals in Les Contamines, France before returning to Canadian soil.

After nationals in Canada, the 2022/23 season will start with Spring Camp at Sunshine Villages which is the selection camp for the national team.


Terri Huxley

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