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We have only a week to wait for our much-anticipated austerity budget that will bring Alberta back to economic success.

It will be hard medicine for many, but eliminating the debt quickly is so important to us as individuals, families and businesses.

Currently, the negative effect that the provincial debt has on us personally is so invasive in our lives that it weighs us down and distracts our minds every minute of every day!

Slay the debt now, cut the waste.

Look at all the nonsense taught in our schools today—music, art, physical education, human sexuality, science.

Even worse the garbage taught in universities— fine arts, political science, literature, history, and climate change.

Subjects that never lead to a ‘real’ job. What’s this nonsense about developing the whole person, we just need work skills? Homeschoolers can educate their kids in half the time, so maybe public schools should be eliminated altogether!

Slay the debt now, cut the waste.

What good our public servants?

Forest rangers, environmental scientists, peace officers, building inspectors, the auditor general, health and safety officers are just a small example of the myriad of ‘fat cats’ living off the public purse.

They don’t contribute anything to economic growth yet have massive power to disturb the smooth flow of businesses and individuals generating prosperity.

Slay the debt now, cut the waste.

The bottom line is we spend too much of our budget on health services and it matters not why our costs continue to grow, it just matters that we slash their budgets and get our costs in line with other provinces.

Medical costs divided by the population is the only determinant of a successful health care system.

This nonsense about complexity of medical cases, medical outcomes, life expectancy, and wait times is just a socialist plot to keep the public away from the reality that it’s the provincial debt that is our only enemy—the elephant in the room, wreaking havoc on our individual lives each and every day.

Oh, it would be so much better if Jason Kenney was supreme leader of the country of Alberta and didn’t have to bother ourselves with the Supreme Court, federal jurisdiction and the First Nations.

We can only dream about going in with guns blazing to shoot and jail anyone that blocks train tracks and holds up the economic agenda of the great nation of Alberta.

Slay the debt now, cut the waste.

For heaven’s sake, what is the purpose of providing anything to those lazy bums on AISH (Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped)?

They spend all their money sitting around watching TV, playing video games, doing dope, smoking cigarettes and getting drunk while we hard-working Albertans pay for this pleasure.

It is not our business nor interest to understand what their underlying problems are since they did it to themselves.

They do not warrant our hard-working tax dollars. Yet we are as mad as hell when they end up homeless and it affects our property values or our pleasure of using public spaces.

One can be assured, when the budget is released at the end of February, all our angst against health care costs, educational elites, social service recipients, and those nasty checks and balances on the industry will be dealt with decisively.

We can be grateful that our Premier is tackling the most important thing that is wreaking havoc on our day-to-day lives—the provincial debt.

At least that’s what Premier Kenney wants you to believe.


B. Schimke

ECA Review

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