Utility Service bylaw coming into effect March 1

With the first reading already passed, council carried the final two readings of the new utility service bylaw.

In it, the bylaw has a few changes like an increase in water usage rates from $3.40 to $3.50, a 10 per cent rise in price which will give the village roughly $1,700 in revenue.

Henry Kroeger, the water supply Delia connects from, has increased their charges two per cent, therefore Delia is increasing to ‘keep pace with their increase.’

With changes to the utility structure, the village noticed it was pertinent to change the flat water charge to continue to help cover the cost of maintaining ageing infrastructure.

This has resulted in a four dollar increase (from $21 to $25).

It was also amended to ensure all homes physically connected to the line are paying their base water and sewer bill whether they consume water or not.

Fifteen properties will be affected by this change but the village will have an additional $7,056 in revenue.

Recommended was a change to the school and Highland Dell flat charge which was $21 now jumping to $150 per month.

Based on estimates, these charges will add $9,576 to the village budget.

Only one person asked for a copy of the bylaw and how to petition but Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Mark Nikota explained he had never heard anything from them since then.

Changes will take effect March 1 and show up on the April bill. Sunshine Lodge expansion

Mayor David Sisley, a member of the Sunshine Lodge Steering Committee, gave an in-depth overview of what changes and how they are coming to the Sunshine and Hillview Lodge in Drumheller.

Drumheller services a large area for seniors including surrounding areas like Delia, Morrin, Hussar, Carbon and more.

On Nov. 17, the province granted $7 million in expansion money for both Lodges situated in the valley.

Sisley explained that 26 brand new units which will cater to those with dementia and SL4 seniors, people who require round-the-clock care.

“At the present time they are doing that because there is no room in the Drumheller Hospital which has the only SL4s in this area and they are not getting paid for it because it is not in the contract or anything like that,” said Mayor Sisley.

Wings 400 and 500 of Sunshine were originally outfitted for coal miners back in the ‘50s when coal mining was still a very active occupation.

The lodge has found these wings are extremely hard to rent out due to how small the rooms are, the narrow hallways and shared shower accommodations.

“We were looking at how to do this when the government announced it was willing to put up $7 million to do the Hillview expansion. We asked the government if they would be favourable to letting us coattail in on their project by using their contractors, architects, etc. to do the renovation of the Sunshine Lodge and they agreed to let us do that,” said Mayor Sisley.

The mayor asked council to give support by passing a motion or letter of support for the foundation which the committee is asking of all surrounding municipalities.


Terri Huxley

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