Utility bill credit denied

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Delburne village council has denied a request to provide a utility bill credit to a property owner after tenants left.

Having a high water bill is not abnormal for the property owner; however, council assumed they did not know why their bill was high and thought the tenants were using more water.

“It was a running toilet,” Deputy Administrator Helen Overwater explained to council when asked what caused the higher-priced water bill.

When council discussed the request, they explained that they had seen a similar request in the past and denied it.

“I don’t think we want to get into that,” Coun. Ray Reckseidler said. “It’s part of being a landlord.”

The property owner gets utility bills so they would know that previously the water bill had been higher.

Unsightly yard
Council received information regarding a property consistently dealing with issues related to an unsightly yard.

Council was notified regarding the situation and the concerns surrounding the property’s condition.

This situation is another one surrounding a tenant and a property owner. Council discussed that even when the property owner lived on the property, the yard was unsightly.

Council has agreed that they must stay on them to maintain the yard.

The renter was also contacted and they responded informing the village that the property would be dealt with.

National Day for Truth & Reconciliation
Council has decided to purchase shirts and a new flag for National Day for Truth and Reconciliation Day and chose a design for the shirts and for the new flag.

Alberta Traffic Act 
The Summer Village of Half Moon Bay is requesting support from other municipalities to amend the Alberta Traffic Act to include a section on allowing slow-moving vehicles like golf carts on municipal roads.

The Village of Delburne has been contacted to see if they would second their motion for a resolution to change the Alberta Traffic Act.

“It just opens up the opportunity for municipalities to consider allowing slower-moving vehicles under municipal roads,” said Reckseidler.

Each municipality would be able to create rules regarding slow-moving vehicles as it would be beneficial in summer communities or small communities to get around at a cheaper cost.

Council decided to support the motion as it does not mean they are committed to anything.

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