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Dear Editor,

The author in ‘Open door for government to abuse power handed to them’ pg. 6, June 18, ECA Review, expresses a belief that socialism will lead to communism, but communism ended in Russia in 1991, and the only “true” communist governments left are China, North Korea and Vietnam. Actually, China and Russia are more fascist states (like Nazis in Germany) than communist ones.

The author uses the same old arguments by the National Rifle Association (NRA) that proposed gun legislations will lead to governments taking away our guns.

People in New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain and most western European countries still allow people to own weapons, but not military weapons.

Where is the history that shows that the first step to a “totalitarian state” is the removal of guns?

Actually, the first step of any dictator or would-be dictator is to silence a “free” press. Then they remove anyone who resists or anyone who has a difference of opinion (no freedom of speech, no freedom of assembly, etc.).

Many feel Canadians should have the same gun rights as Americans to own military-style weapons (assault rifles, machine guns, 50 cal. sniper rifles, bump stocks, etc), and to be able to buy and sell them like in the States.

Some may also think it’s okay to have unregulated militias like in the States where would-be heroes parade in the streets with their “open carry” weapons (John Wayne-style), wearing masks and camouflage clothing.

Few people are suggesting taking away pistols, rifles and shotguns but the NRA are always using the same old arguments that gun registration and restricting the ownership of military-style weapons will lead to socialism (communism).

In America, the “right” (conservatives) always uses the word socialism to scare people because it’s associated with communism.

For example, the Republicans/Grand Old Party (GOP) always uses the argument that universal health care will lead to socialism and worse. Yes, communism!

Therefore, using the author’s arguments, Canadians, New Zealanders, Australians and all the governments of western Europe are communists/dictatorships.


George Thatcher

Trochu, Alta.

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