Upgrades Pushed Back

Town of Stettler council has gone back to the drawing board after turning down four separate tenders for upgrades to the Town’s SRC Control System.

The 2018 Capital Budget allowed for an approved $41,000 to upgrade Phase 1 of the control system in the SRC. The scope of the project will expand to the entire facility and will be updated in three phases over multiple years to complete.

The Town received four tenders willing to commit all three phases of the project but A-Tech offered to do the project for the lowest price at $157,667.

Phase 1 consisted of several overhaul items like replacement of the existing Delta Building Automation System.

The primary heating water system must be replaced as well as the air handling unit, the change room air handling unit, the office rooftop unit, the secondary heating water system, and domestic hot water system in the pool.

A new rooftop unit is needed for the recreation centre and the arena requires Zamboni domestic hot water and blue & red slab field points.

Phase 2 consists of the expansion of Phase 1 Building Automation System and Phase 3 included the expansion of Phase 1 Building Automation System again as well as the arena change room make-up air unit Zamboni room.

Concrete Decision Making

The Approved 2018 Capital Budget has allocated $130,000 to replace miscellaneous sections of concrete like sidewalks and pathways throughout the Town of Stettler to comply with a council policy.

An additional $30,000 will be given to install a new concrete sidewalk for headstones at the cemetery. Town Council awarded the 2018 Sidewalk Replacement tender to Olds Concrete Services in the amount of $89,430.00 and approved expenditures up to the  Capital Budget approved amount of $130,000 for miscellaneous sidewalk replacement and $30,000 for the concrete headstone sidewalk at the cemetery for a total combined expenditure of $160,000, excluding GST.

Water & Sewer Replacement

Town Council approved a budget expenditure of $233,400 to replace the water and sewer mains and services in the easement of 50A Avenue at 43 Street. The budget included replacing both north and south sides of 50A Avenue.

During the design stage, when all utility companies located their lines, it was noted that all the shallow utility companies will be required to either support their existing facilities or install temporary facilities in order for the Town to replace the sanitary and water mains.

In the 20 foot easement are Water, Sewer, Power, Gas, Telus and Shaw lines. This requires significant involvement and it was decided to only complete the south portion because of tight timelines. Wally’s Backhoe Services won the tender to complete the work for $89,743.50.

Delegation Delight

To begin the meeting, Elizabeth Morton was presented with a town recognition award after winning a Gold Medal in the Northern Alberta Long Course Swimming Event in Edmonton from June 15 to 17. The Rhapsody Girls & Tiny Tenors Choir were second to receive an award from the town for their first place finish in the 14 & Under Provincial Choral Class held in Edmonton. Instructor Rhonda Sylvester explained that the group actually were all 12-years-old and younger, making their impression at provincials that much sweeter.


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