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Dear Editor,

Delburne & District History Book, Through the Years, is being updated!

The original history was published in 1980 but a lot has happened since then. The update will include family and community history that was not included in the 1980 publication and news about what has happened since 1980

The Delburne History Book Committee encourages all families (currently residing in the area and those who have lived there and moved on) to submit a family history that includes a picture or two, a story about life in the community, or information about a business or club you belong to. Send your story by January 30, 2014 to delbhist@gmail.com.

Through the Years, 1980 edition has been reprinted and copies are still available as well. More information can be found on the Village of Delburne website www.delburne.ca and by calling Anita Jones 403-749-3893 or Wendy Motley 403-749-2420.

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  • I would like to buy a copy of the new Delburne history book. Where do I purchase one? My parents are Dick and Vicky Carratt.


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