Update on projects undertaken in Hanna

Hanna: Mayor’s message

I would like to update you on a few projects that have been undertaken by your town.
The paving on Fox Lake Trail from Argue Drive east to Pioneer Trail should be completed the end of September.

As you may have noticed, we replaced quite a few of the sidewalks in town.

We realize that there are many more to do, but it is very expensive to replace all of the sidewalks that need replacement.

The 2015 budget included an increase in funding for sidewalk replacement as council and administration recognized the need.

We also realize that there are a number of our roads that could use an overlay.
Main Street has been an area of concern for many of our residents.

Unfortunately putting new asphalt on the road is rather expensive (approximately one million dollars per kilometre) and some of our infrastructure beneath Main Street is in poor shape and should be replaced before the road is fixed.

This is another huge cost, but if we are going to spend tax dollars we would like to do it as efficiently as possible.

On Sept. 28 the town office will be operating out of the new location 302 – 2nd Ave. West, formerly Endeavor Chartered Accountants.

Please bear with us during the move as it will be a fairly daunting task, but the new building will suit our needs much better than our current location.

Plans are underway for the library to expand into the current town office building.

I just want to add a comment regarding business licenses in Hanna. All people conducting business in town are required to purchase a business license. This includes door to door salesmen.

If you are being bothered by door to door salesmen, ask them, “Do you have a license to conduct business in Hanna?”

Quite often if they don’t they will simply walk away.

If they do have a business license and you feel that you are being harassed you should get as much information from them as possible and immediately call the town office to lodge a complaint.

If there are enough complaints the town has the option to revoke the business license.
One last note, just because they have a business license it doesn’t mean that they are a reputable business.

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