Update on inflation

Dear Editor,

To get an update on free money, printed with nothing to back it and now we have to pay it back. Even though some of us never took any free money, we still end up stuck with it. Taxes and inflation.

I got a phone call from the electric power company in regards to my letter of complaint as to an electricity bill from $440 to $890 in one month. It was said that I was the only one who complained.

I had to inform them, everyone was complaining and some people’s billing was even higher than mine and in all cases it was admitted that we had used less kilowatt hours. 

Then it was said I didn’t understand supply and demand, and the government regulations charged more for usage and they had to pass it onto their clients. Due to the drought, cost had gone up and we had to pay more. 

Well, drought affected food supplies and we didn’t get as much income. We should get a fortune for our grain and livestock. We don’t, so where is supply and demand? All the big companies in between rake in the big profits.

A lady came on the CTV News stating how she and everyone else didn’t know how they would pay for their power bills along with higher rent, gas and food, etc, etc.. That proves I am not alone.

This caller informed me that I could expect my power cut off if I didn’t pay this inflated bill. I had to inform them that I had put the cheque inside my letter of complaint. I try to understand why an Alberta government energy official would say in response to this lady, “Learn how to Budget”. Or to me, “Learn about supply and demand”, as if they think we are the ones mentally challenged. Puts you in mind of another Alberta Premier when fuel heating costs were driven up, “Get another sweater”.

How can a household with wood heat and regular light and hot water, with the one stock waterer turned off, generate an $880 power bill? 

This is criminal and the government energy board is responsible.

I try hard to understand why the truckers will get blamed for the mess of the so called Freedom March. If this was really truckers shutting down the economy, for a needle to save lives, why didn’t they make issue with fuel, insurance, truck payments, tires and repairs,, etc etc?

Vaccinated bona fide truckers were in line at the borders, both north and south, to get loads through and couldn’t. 

People lost jobs over this and produce rotted in trucks. Who paid the truck payments and fuel so they could sit and blow their horns and dance in the streets and on the War Memorial? I don’t think it was genuine truckers.

As an article I wrote before stated, Alberta summer was open. My surgery was cancelled from July until November as the hospitals were full. I had to get more surgery now because of it. When released, in agony, while my family fuelled up, I counted at one main intersection the on the highway 147 trucks going east and west working. 

I salute you fellows on a job well done. You weren’t blowing your horn, you were surviving.


Arnold McKee

Oyen, Alta.

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