Dear Editor,

In response to the PrairieView column, March 21, 2019, pg. 6, it seems the columnist is trying to say the Special Areas Act was used against the Hansen’s.

This is simply not true.

The Public Lands Act that sets policy for the entire province was the legislation that was used.

It should be noted that Brent Horner, the Special Areas councillor for the Hansen’s, worked alongside David Hansen in fighting the Alberta Government.

Many terrible, underhanded things were done to the Hansen’s by the people working on behalf of the Alberta Government.

It should be stated that the Special Areas Act was never used against the Hansen’s nor has that section of the act that gives the minister the power of expropriation ever been used.

If Mr. Schwenk and Mr. Strankman want to use the Hansen’s tragedy for political change within Special Areas, perhaps Rick should give some thought to running for the Special Areas Advisory Council. That would be more “grassroots” then spreading untruths about an event that was so unfair to my neighbours.

Colin McNiven,

Rancher and fence line neighbour to my friends the Hansen’s

Cessford, Ab.

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