Unprofessional meetings

Dear Editor,
I have attended two Coronation Town Council meetings in the last year, the most recent one on May 27 in which I have seen that not all councillors have seen the information material given out to the others prior to the meetings so that all councillors may fully prepare themselves for the issues at hand.
This I find very unprofessional for the town administration.
I also witnessed a councillor laughing at the last meeting while a representative for a utility company was making a presentation to council.  I was embarrassed for the man and for the town.  It was very uncalled for.  So I guess my point is: Is this a professional town council or are there just a few who attempt to be professional?
I recommend more citizens attend our town meetings so as to see who is really running our town and how!
In regards to a letter written to town council by Councillor Jackie Brigley, her letter said it perfectly about the town. Lack of transparency, meetings prior to meetings, fighting with people and groups rather than communication, cooperation and collaboration.
Liz Adams

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