Unpaid sensitivity training for Reeve

Written by Terri Huxley

Paintearth County’s Reeve, Stan Schulmeister will be attending some workplace sensitivity training courses at his own expense following some comments at a prior council meeting.

A motion of censure was carried unanimously as well during a closed session on Tues. Jan. 14.

In late November of last year, the Reeve labelled a potential Agricultural Service Board applicant a ‘Housewife somewhat’.

Grant support

The Town of Coronation has asked the county for a letter of support for the Alberta Community Partnership (ACP) grant.

They hope to use this money towards a new building for Coronation’s ball diamonds.

“The idea currently for the new building is to try and incorporate enough space also to house the Coronation Golf Course clubhouse and also to incorporate any other wellness programs as well,” said Coronation Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Quinton Flint in a letter to council.

“The other intent is to make it a 365 [days a] year use building to ensure maximum usage for the new building.

This grant will be used to hire an engineering consultant to develop a detailed recreational facility master plan, detailed conceptual design study and cost models which will be 100 per cent funded if it is awarded to the partnership.

Coronation will be handling the details of the application.

If the application goes through, the second step will be to apply for another grant that would pay for the construction of the project once the engineering results are in.

Paintearth council passed a motion to send a letter of support for the project to allow the partners ‘to compete in the first place which is good.’

Bulk water system

The Crowfoot truck fill is coin-operated but with a motion to purchase the Flowpoint Environmental Systems LP for $16,000 that will change.

The system from KP Technology Sales Ltd. will provide a coinless option for bulk water haulers and residential water hauling customers.

Customers are given a four-digit access pin number or they can still use the coin box if desired as well as includes a one-year software support from the company.

The system also gives the county the ability to have 100 haulers which can grow to 9,997 haulers.

During budget planning, council indicated they were in favour of this upgrade.


Terri Huxley

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