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’Mystic Morgan’ acts as the greeter to the Hand Hills Crafts market in Delia. Photo courtesy of Dave Smeyers
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‘Mystic Morgan’ acts as the greeter to the Hand Hills Crafts market in Delia. Photo courtesy of Dave Smeyers

As a reflection of their passion and dreams turning into reality, Dave Smeyers and Jane McMullin wanting to bring in something that would do just this when they opened the Hand Hills Crafts store on Main Street in Delia.

The intent of the store is to be a hub for local artists who can showcase their work while also being a place for tourists to explore this talent on weekends.

Different artisans will be present throughout the year but more are always welcome to join.

The venue itself is an old school which was built in 1910, and the couple have tried to keep it as such, complete with an old school bell that they ring when the market is open and closed.

There is still some work needed on the building but once completed, it will reflect the era it was constructed in as a way to preserve the history of the structure.

A Metis teepee will also be constructed near the back of the building.

“Our first weekend people came to see what we were all about and the ambience was one of a meeting place where neighbours visited, relaxed, had a coffee and shopped. It was lighthearted, fun and most of all, a sense of the community coming together,” said Smeyers.

The unicorn represents believing in yourself, enough to make dreams come true.

“Legend has it that if you are pure of heart and make a wish with a unicorn, your wish will come true,” he said.

“Also, the unicorn is the national animal of Scotland, and my heritage is Scottish. The people who settled in Delia were of Scottish, Irish and English descent so it all ties in.”

They wanted something to represent the child in everyone as well as something for the children in the Village and anyone who wants to feel a moment of magic.

“We are hoping that Mystic Morgan will attract a few tourists to the town. Drumheller has its dinosaurs, and now we have a beautiful unicorn,” said Smeyers.


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