Undermining economies

Dear Editor,
The scientists around the world were so very relieved that Al Gore came up with the global warming theory and how his theory, along with the carbon, has enabled governments around the world to deliberately hurt their citizens by undermining their economies.
Al Gore’s so called graph several years back showed, beyond any doubt that both the north and south poles would be melted by 2013 and ocean levels would rise from 15 to 28 metres.
I do agree the earth is warming, thank goodness.
Many people do not realize that 30,000 years ago much of the northern hemisphere was covered in ice.
In some places, like Toronto area, it is estimated to be two miles or over three kilometres thick.
The melting of this ice created the Great Lakes.
People talk about the food crisis. I have been involved in agriculture research for the past 20 years and have seen huge gains in crop production and techniques.
In my humble view, if you are hungry in 2017, it’s either an economic situation or one of infrastructure and food can’t get to you.
Presently world grain stocks are at an all time high.  It was stated 2016 was the warmest year ever recorded which resulted in record breaking crops worldwide.
A lot of people talk about this ‘hated’ carbon.  As most of you know, carbon is the magic substance that changes sunshine and moisture into plant food.
Scientists are terrified of carbon levels exceeding 400 parts-per-million (ppm), yet in the dinosaur age, carbon levels were estimated at 4,000 ppm. This was the warmest and most productive time in the earth’s history.
They say the “science is in”.  Remember Y2K?  Is it the same science that told us all the airplanes were going to fall out of the sky at midnight on Dec. 31, 1999?
Or the flu pandemic that was definitely going to kill one third of the population of the world.
It was not too far in the past that doctors and scientists insisted “bleeding out” sick people made them better!
The latest to board this ridiculous climate change train is our Prime Minister and Premier who are plunging our very fragile economy into an unmeasurable and unachieveable carbon situation.
I know wind and solar people have become very powerful, enriched on hard-earned taxpayers money.
They have been able to elect politicians around the world.  Barack Obama, in my opinion, was one and that is why no pipeline was approved on his watch.
I recently attended the Farm Tech Conference in Edmonton.  One of the most interesting sessions was by the canola specialist from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Murray Heartman who revealed findings from studies done around the globe where increased carbon levels were incorporated into plant growth.
The findings were amazing, up to 25 per cent increases in crop production and even more encouraging results in forage.
I know it would be almost impossible to change the minds of governments around the world that the sky is not falling and the world is quietly preparing itself to feed eight or nine billion people by 2050.
We can’t influence world governments and ideas, but we can influence our own.
Let’s make Alberta and Canada great again and expose the lies and propaganda that’s leading us down this disastrous road.
Walter Suntjens
Hanna, Ab.

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