Under-funded and under-staffed system

Dear Editor,

It is more and more becoming evident to me that we are losing our perspective about being a “free and democratic” country which my father’s family fought for in the last major war in our history. 

When in history has anyone ever seen that you can get a full 100 per cent of citizens to agree on any one issue or event? 

Never! That is the essences of being in a freedom loving society. You have to accept that not everyone will agree with the prevailing point of view or even your personal opinion. 

Are we not striving to be the type of society that treats each other with the respect, that you would demand for yourself? 

The only countries that I know of that get complete buy-in from their populations are either dictatorships or communist countries. Even they don’t get that high of participation either. They are just better a coercing their population. 

Not choosing to take the vaccine doesn’t automatically make a person an “anti-vaxer,” just a cautious concerned person. In my opinion, this new RMNA technology has not been proven out for long term exposure medical concerns. 

So people are being prudent in making that choice. This new vaccine seems good in the short term for those over 65 years, but in my opinion, there are still red flags on reactions to these doses for all other age groups that is concerning.

Some facts that are reported all the time about COVID-19 and vaccines:

• Can vaccinated and unvaccinated people catch and transmit Covid-19?

Yes, both groups can equally catch and transmit (especially the newer variations) the virus.

• Can vaccinated and unvaccinated people end up in a hospital with Covid-19 infection?

Yes, both are tying up medical staff in hospitals for these illnesses.

• Can vaccinated and unvaccinated people get mild forms of Covid-19 virus?

Yes, both can which is the more common outcome in Canada.

• Can vaccinated and unvaccinated people die from Covid-19 virus?

Yes, both can but in my opinion the majority of deaths occur in people who have three or more co-morbidities.

I can see that Covid vaccination is good for those that choose to take it because of their overall health conditions. But in my opinion, vaccines only protect the person it is given to, not the rest of the population. If that wasn’t true, then vaccinated people couldn’t infect the unvaccinated or vaccinated. 

At the time when Omicron got within our borders, only the vaccinated were allowed to travel outside our borders. 

The only reason I can see that people say they are worried about the unvaccinated population is to protect the existing medical system (especially ICU’s). 

A system that we all know has been under-funded and under-staffed ever since we experienced the SARS outbreak in Ontario years back. 

Nothing was done then and nothing has been done now to prevent the same outcome! 

So, do we give up a freedom of “informed choice” to save a failing system and force everyone to get vaccinated? 

If yes, then are we to do this each time we get into an outbreak problem with our public-funded system? 

It’s very convenient to point fingers in one direction when it masks what the real problem is! Our medical system should have been prepared and wasn’t. 

We failed as citizens to drive our governments to be ready for what everyone saw coming! 

It’s sad to say that the Canada I grew up in and the principles we believe in (a free and respective society), is not what we are showing in these hard times. If provinces can supersede our national beliefs, then what kind of a nation are we protecting?


Sinclair Piller

Hardisty, Alta.

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