Unanswered questions so far

Dear Editor,

Why are we still wearing masks?  Shouldn’t we be able to tell who has had COVID, or who has been vaccinated, by their lack of masks? 

If masks work, why are the highest number of COVID cases still in the cities where masks have been mandated since last October? 

Besides re-breathing our own carbon dioxide, what other foreign substances are we breathing in from those blue “surgical” masks?  

Are masks just a fashion accessory and symbol of our fear of criticism?

Why are we critical of city churches who have met for months without COVID cases, but feel free to travel to the city to mingle in Costco instead of shopping at our stores in our small towns where COVID numbers are negligible?  

How can Jason Kenney justify spending 2.5 million tax dollars on COVID advertising when Albertans continue to suffer job and business losses and the provincial deficit balloons?

Why do our government leaders put their faith in unelected “health officers”, trained only in community health, while dismissing Dr. Modry,  Alberta’s heart and lung transplant pioneer, and the over 50,000 medical experts who have signed the Great Barrington Declaration?   

Why are Jason Kenney and Deena Hinshaw afraid to debate Lt.-Col. Redman, Dr. Modry, and Dr. Roger Hodkinson to defend their “science”?

Why has Jason Kenney scoffed at “The Great Reset’, but appears to support it in the moth-balled tax-payer-funded Nemeth Report (which can be found on Google)?   

Why is Jason Kenney assisting Trudeau’s “reset” of Canada instead of standing up for Alberta? 

Do we have the courage to stand for an Alberta strong and free or will we continue to hide behind our masks?


Pat Holloway

Castor, Alta.

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