Two major infrastructure projects in the next few years

Mayor Danny Povaschuk, Town of Hanna 
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Spring is finally here, and it is great to see the usual spring activities beginning. It would be great to see some rain as the region is very dry.

The 2023 Tax Rate Bylaw was recently passed and I am pleased to say that council was able to continue the trend of collecting a similar amount of municipal taxes since 2018.
• 2018 $2,877,924
• 2019 $2,873,373
•2020 $2,840,599
•2021 $2,793,684
•2022 $2,793,640
•2023 $2,798,138

Maintaining the municipal tax collected while facing increasing costs of utilities, insurance, fuel and goods has been difficult but together council and administration have constructed an operating and Capital Budget that will see the municipal taxes collected almost identical to the 2022 taxes collected.

The bylaw, which was approved at the May 9, 2023, council meeting has the Residential Municipal Tax Rate decreased 1 per cent from the 2022 tax rate and the Non-Residential Municipal Tax Rate decreased by 3% per cent from the 2022 tax rate.

Please note that the municipal portion of your tax bill is the only portion that council can control. The Education requisition from the province decreased slightly while the Acadia Foundation requisition saw a small increase.

Council is working on several significant infrastructure projects anticipated to be completed in the next few years.

These projects include the redevelopment of two blocks downtown for water, sanitary sewer, and storm line replacement as well as creating a pedestrian-friendly, aesthetically pleasing above-ground experience, reconstruction of Palliser and Pioneer Trail roadways, and replacement of the CN Reservoir Bridge.

Prior to committing to these projects council will need to carefully examine all financial two options to ensure completing these projects does not leave the Town in a troubled financial state or cause a significant increase in municipal taxes.

There has been a lot of discussion about the Town of Hanna Land Use Bylaw Review and just to keep everyone updated following the public engagement process, administration, and Palliser Regional Municipal Services are preparing the second version which is anticipated to be presented to council at the June 13 council meeting for first reading.

Following that, there is a requirement for a Public Hearing which is anticipated to be held in September. The bylaw will then be brought back to council for second and third reading. Amendments can be made anywhere between first and third reading.

Remember to feel free to reach out to me with any concerns or issues you may have.

Danny Povaschuk, Mayor

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