Twice been suspected of obstructing justice

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Dear Editor,

Trudeau calls it a buy back. Since when is something a buy back when the money he’s using to buy it with is your own? I reckon “buy back” is just bafflegab for plain old unadulterated gun confiscation.

In my experience it’s best to be wary of making deals with any puffed up trust fund millionaires that go around putting on airs. Nor should one take seriously some UN diplomat wannabe that advocates for a Great Globalist Reset when his job is supposed to be exclusively that of serving Canada, rather than Canada serving him.

Or some drama pedagogue bloke who likes to dress up like Little Red Riding Hood’s wolf did, and then claim to be acting in the best interests of “People Kind” like yourself.

Any chance we could be dealing with and taking the word of a typical lying fraud? Um, “Ancient Astronaut Theorists say YES”.

History has shown that while law abiding citizens tend to comply with gun laws, the Communists and Nazis committing acts of Political Tyranny did not. And in today’s¬†Communist China, a country which Trudeau openly admires, firearms possession is for all intents and purposes restricted only to people acting on behalf of the State such as law enforcement, military and security personnel.

Just how in blazes is that arrangement supposed to aid in keeping our land glorious and free?

What are the odds I’ll be placing my trust anytime soon in our Illustrious Exalted Ruler who has at least twice been suspected of obstructing justice yet walked away clean, never having been hauled out on the carpet by the RCMP?

Probably there’s a better chance I’ll trip over some old Sasquatch skull next time I go out picking chokecherries.

If the idea of law abiding citizens owning guns bothers you, if their insistence on Government following due process and respecting their rights and freedoms annoys you, and if they in fact are the people you are mostly afraid of, then I suggest you might be living in the wrong country and should consider relocating to a more obliging destination. Maybe North Korea, or Iran, or Venezuela, or China, or Russia would be more to your liking.

M. Lee Hudson
Calgary/Paintearth county

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