Turning lemons into lemonade

Lemonade anyone?  Eighty-six students from Coronation and Brownfield participated in a ‘Lemonade Stand’ workshop on Wed., Apr. 20 at the Coronation Community Centre.
Students had to put their innovative and entrepreneurial spirit to work for a lemonade stand by covering off purchasing product and space for their stand, paying taxes, promoting the lemonade and profit at the end of the day.  From the left seated, Adam Close, Kodi Sherbo, Michael Griffiths, Jordan Stone and Cody Severin (standing) work together as a team on the project. ECA Review/J.Webster

Eighty-six students from Coronation High School and Brownfield School joined forces in teams of 8 – 10 working to create the ‘Best’ lemonade stand judged by three ‘customers’ to win a prize of $200 cash at the Coronation Community Centre on Wed., April 20.

This award winning game developed by Vickie Newmeyer and her team at Community Futures Region has been played 89 times in Saskatchewan, Alberta and in Ottawa twice to over 8500 participants.

The game provides experiential learning for participants from ages nine through to 80 years plus.   Teams put their innovations and entrepreneurial spirit to work putting the Five P’s of marketing to work – price, product, place, promotion and people.   They play for the sixth P –  Profit.

The teams are given $100 of play money and within their teams they decide their theme and strategies using the Five P’s as their guide.

They purchase supplies from the Marketing Store –  Coronation Tap Water at $2 per bottle to $5 per bottle water as it was imported from the Swiss Alps.

Lemonade stands are placed around the hall – property is purchased and taxes are charged.

Lemonade products range from frozen concentrate to the more reasonable packaged lemonade, decorations could be purchased in a pre-packaged format or teams can create their own works of art, using the markers, scissors and supplies they must rent from the Lemonade Marketing Store.

They price their product, clean up their space, select two workers to guide the judges (customers),  prepare a brief but impactful commercial radio or TV commercial highlighting their lemonade stand.

Most importantly they complete their budget sheet to ensure that they have enough money left over to open up for another day.

The judges taste the lemonade – watch the commercials and decided to select “All Natural Lemonade” team to take home the prize of $200.

Each of the team members received $25 cash!   The judges commented that “All Natural Lemonade” team were very consistent with their product theme, from the stand, ingredients, and in their commercial.

Newmeyer reflected that the community of Coronation is in great hands with this group of fine young people.   They were absolutely delightful to work with and their lemonade stands and commercials were extremely well done!

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