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I have been living in Alberta for 10 years now and this time change in spring and fall still upsets me.

I really can’t see the advantage of it.  They say that it was started to conserve energy used in the evenings. Yet, this does not make sense to me as I feel that there are more people up and using more electrical devises in the late afternoon and evening than there are in the morning.

In the fall, Daylight Savings Time makes people turn on the lights much earlier, to me that means using more electric power.

Another excuse they have is that the earlier daylight in the winter allows people to be able to get to work in the daylight.

That might work for people who don’t leave for work until after eight in the morning, but what about all the others who have to be at work by that time or even earlier? Those people are leaving and returning in the dark. I think I would rather come home in a little bit of daylight.

Of course Facebook is full of sarcastic cartoons about it. My favourite is the one that asks the question “What kind of idiot thinks that by cutting a foot off the top of the blanket and sewing it onto the bottom they are making the blanket longer?” I have been wondering the same thing for 10 years.

When I first moved here and started to get those early morning phone calls from my Saskatchewan friends I would accept their apologies and understand that they forgot about the time change. Now I think they do it just to remind me that they do not have this nonsense.

The month of December is a really bad one for me. Having to turn on lights at 3:30 in the afternoon is just depressing, especially when I know that people a mere two hour drive away still have sunshine for at least another hour.

Part of my problem with it might be that I lived in Saskatchewan for most of my life, and they do not use Daylight Savings Time.

I really get turned around every spring and fall. Most of my clocks change the time automatically so I usually end up forgetting to change the bedroom clock, then in the morning it takes me a few minutes to realize that it did not take me an hour to walk from the bedroom to the living room, or that I did not somehow walk into the twilight zone and went back in time for one hour.

The whole thing makes me grumpy; or maybe I just need a Snickers bar.

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