Truthful phrase, unity and strength

Dear Editor,

Some refuse to accept that Albertans rejected the NDP after one term.

How dare they? Don’t they realize that their goal was to have everyone working in the public service or receiving government assistance, a utopia?

According to Statistics Canada, public service workers in Alberta take an average of 19 sick days per year compared to five in the private sector.

Public service workers, in general have better wages, benefits, job security, et cetera than private sector employees or business owners.

Why would anyone want to work in the private sector even if sometimes they can earn more?

Why risk it when we can mortgage our children and grandchildren’s future so we can live well today.

They cannot understand that there was enough Albertans with common sense to dump the NDP and elect the UCP who, realizing the financial mess Alberta is in, set up the MacKinnon panel to recommend a plan to work out of the morass that former PC and NDP governments have us in.

We have been there before, and the man liberals love to hate, Ralph Klein made tough decisions and with some pain led us to a debt free Alberta.

It was short-lived because we wanted everything and were willing to put it on our credit card and the PCs who followed were happy to oblige.

If Premier Klein had not taken action on our debt, the majority of our tax income would be going to make the payments on the interest on our debts, an inconvenient fact to socialists but reality just the same.

I have great respect for teachers, nurses and others in the public service.

I have been treated extremely well when I have needed their services and want them to be paid well but I talk to people almost everyday in the private sector who have lost their jobs or taken enormous pay cuts, happy to have a job.

It saddens me when some try to pit private and public sectors against each other.

An example being unions openly campaigning against conservatives but keeping secret how much of their members money they are spending.

If you think unions can continue to extort more money and governments can continue borrowing to pay, I encourage you to look at Detroit to see the consequences.

I am thankful that Premier Jason Kenny and the UCP have the courage to tackle the problems that past governments have created.

Some may believe that but some don’t believe the words quoted from the

Constitution and there is jealousy and hatred from the private sector, but I do not see evidence of that.

The current catchphrase “Diversity is Strength” is patently untrue, the real and truthful phrase is “Unity is Strength” which will never be used by the left as they seem to believe that those that don’t agree with them are the enemy and worthy of scorn.

Those on the left who claim to be tolerant only display that tolerance if you agree with them.

You not only have to be tolerant of whatever they choose to do, but you have to approve or find yourself in front of a Human Rights tribunal.

Tolerance to me means respecting those you disagree with, listening and presenting your position in a calm and rational manner.


Gord Snell

Three Hills, Alta.

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