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My quest for the truth (re: Tax Recovery Arrears List, March 26, 2021, information request was answered by Morrin resident John Siemens.

My request for access to information had been denied by CAO Plachner, Mayor Hall, Deputy Mayor MacArthur and Coun. M’Liss Edwards.

However, Mr. Siemens was able, through a FOIPPA (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act) request, to obtain some information. As an aside, the information he obtained did not fall under FOIPPA and could have been shared with the public had the CAO and council chosen to do so.

Some of the information is on the Village website but some is not and my offer of a REWARD for the TRUTH was to highlight the fact that the Village denies me any access to council.

Properties listed for public auction
Lot 21 – Block 3 – Plan 4945AP
Lot 11 – Block 4 – Plan 4945AP
Lot 7 – Block 6 – Plan 2066FN
Lot 18 – Block 1 – Plan 4110AJ
Lot 8 – Block 6 – Plan 2066FN
Lot 9 – Block 5 – Plan 5244CS

Lot 8 – Block 6 – Plan 2066FN is not listed on the March 26, 2021 submission to Land Titles. LOT 18 is. Which is correct? Would have made quite a difference if one was submitting a bid on the property! If it was incorrect a sale probably would be negated. Accuracy is important.

Lot 9 – Block 5 – Plan 5244CS was added after the March 26, 2021 Arrears List was submitted.

At the Public Auction only two parcels were offered for sale [Plan 4945AP-Blk 3-Lot 21 and Plan 4110AJ-Blk 1-Lot 18] which the Village acquired with no funds being exchanged for the reserve bid of $20K each.

Plan 4110AJ-Blk 1-Lot 18 was the property that the Village accused me of trespassing mowing grass. It did not become Village property until Oct. 12, 2023 which was about two months after I was accused of trespassing.

CAO Plachner stated that all properties, other than the two above, were settled before the Tax Sale. However, I believe that is not the case with Plan 4945AP-Blk 4-Lot 11.

My sincere thanks to Mr. Siemens for providing me information. My REWARD offer was $500 and he chose to cover $250. As a result, our combined $500 goes to the Bethany Lutheran Church in Morrin.

Respectfully, Howard Helton,
Morrin, Alta.

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