Trump’s vision

After eight years of Liberal Left government, the USA has a new President. Talk about what a monumental shift in government policy and emphasis this will be.
This was predictable after Obama’s policies on the environment, world appeasement and left wing social programs, etc. just didn’t seem to work.  He catered to the political elite and didn’t pay much attention to the needs of ordinary working Americans.
Donald Trump just couldn’t stand it any longer. He was sick and tired of the political correctness rampant in both political parties and sensed that there were a large segment of the American public who agreed with him.
His logo was “America First.” It is obvious from his first few days in office that he meant it.
He achieved the Republican nomination by challenging the Republican establishment and the elites. There must have been a dozen or more candidates vying for that nomination and all of them disliked Mr. Trump, some more than others.
He had a combative in-your-face style that just rubbed conventional politicians and the media raw. Because of his combative style of actually insulting almost every group in sight, including Muslims, illegal immigrants, fellow candidates and the media, the media inadvertently gave him billions of dollars of free advertising in trying to convince the public that he was not a fit candidate.
He was successful at tapping into a public that was also sick and tired of left wing political correctness. His comments and statements were so outlandish that no one thought his campaign would succeed, however his popularity just increased as the campaign proceeded.
I have a theory that if the other candidates had agreed on one of them challenging Trump he may not have won.
The way it worked he just picked them off one at a time.
I can see the same thing happening with Kevin O’Leary entering the conservative contest here in Canada but more of that in another column.
Donald Trump believes under the leadership of Barack Obama, America has become irrelevant. The changes that he intends to make will be earth shattering.
The U.S. pays 22 per cent of the UN budget. I think that will change.  Also a far larger share of the NATO budget than any other country. He has indicated that he will be beefing up his own military instead of NATO.
He thinks that protectionism is the way to make America great, however his manufacturing could become uncompetitive on the world market.
He signed an executive order to withdraw from the Trans Pacific Partnership and he intends to renegotiate the NAFTA agreement of which Canada is a signatory.
His real problem with that agreement is that millions of blue collar jobs have disappeared to Mexico and China due to their lower labour costs.
He has signed another executive order that would restart the agreement on the XL Keystone pipeline.
He also intends to make major changes to Obama’s pet project, which is “Obama Care.” Trump’s position on that program is that it is far too expensive.
He will do something with the problem of illegal immigration. It will be interesting to see if he actually builds the wall. I am interested in seeing if he will withdraw from the Paris Climate Change Agreement.
Boy, would that get the world’s attention.
I think if he is to be successful as the president of the USA he needs to develop a thicker skin and park his oversized ego in his bedroom.
I don’t think he will last as President unless he quits tweeting every time someone or something irritates him.
In my opinion he needs to lighten up and become less obnoxious. As the old saying goes “don’t sweat the small stuff.”

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