Trump is what he is!

Dear Editor,

Nothing unites a people more than a common enemy. History has demonstrated the willingness of those who have an extreme dislike for one another to join forces in order to eliminate someone who is a greater threat to their ideology, safety or power.

This is no more evident than the recent lovefest with Trudeau by all political leaders across Canada in order to “support” him in his girlie fight with the American President. If we go back to 2015-16 and the American primaries and election, one would be hard pressed to not know and understand what Donald Trump’s agenda was. He belted it out almost daily via speeches and Twitter. To act as if his policies caught you off guard is hypocritical to say the least. One of his objectives was to either get rid of NAFTA altogether or revamp it.

Perhaps we can assume that Justin Trudeau thought Trump was like so many other politicians and had no intention of actually implementing any of his promises. After the first few months of his presidency it should have been evident this man was not like any other politician. Canadians need to understand the fact that United States buys approximately 300 billion dollars’ worth of products from Canada every year and sells about the same amount of goods to us each year. The percentage of the USA’s GDP from these sales is about two per cent while the percentage of GDP for Canada from our sales is 20 per cent. Tell me, who holds the best hand in this poker game?

Brag all you want Canada about taking on Goliath but you have neither sling nor stones in hand. Concerning NAFTA, what was Canada’s plan or program or counter offer? Does anyone know? Endless meetings that have yielded nothing.

Chrystia Freeland, who fancies herself a great trade negotiator accomplished very little. When being interviewed, her biggest claim to fame was her relationship with the European Trade Commissioner who she considers “her sister in trade”. She went on to let us know these two gals email themselves and sign their letters with “hugs” and “smiley faces”! Believe it or not this is Canada’s Foreign Minister. Request for simple changes were refused for no apparent reason other than to delay the process and were accompanied with the usual comment of doing nothing that would not be in the Canadian interest.

When Trump made it abundantly clear he would impose tariffs on steel and aluminum unless Canada agreed to renegotiate NAFTA why was there such outrage? We were warned and soon those tariffs and maybe others will be enacted. Now Trump has his eye on our auto sector. If Trudeau keeps this up we are in danger of losing one of our greatest assets. All Trump has to do is offer GM or Ford tax incentives and lesser regulations and the industry could pick up and move to Detroit so fast Canadians would never know what hit us. If Trump is successful in making this happen it will impact Canada to such a degree a 25 per cent tariff will seem like a Christmas present. Trump can afford to take the risk. Canada cannot.

Trudeau has caused this war more than anyone else by insisting United States incorporate climate change and gender equality into NAFTA to which Trump simply asked: “What has that to do with trade?” To which I say “Exactly”. What you think of Trump is totally immaterial. He is what he is and no one in Canada, the EU, China or anywhere else will change him. Actually, if most of us were really honest about his comments regarding our Prime Minister, I think we would have to admit Trump has a point. Trudeau is weak and narcissistic. His continual banter about doing what’s right for Canada rings rather hollow since he had done very little to prove that claim. Plus he is rather good at back stabbing, just ask any unemployed oil worker.

Faye Pearson, Stettler, Ab.

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