Trump accused of racism

Boy! Are the main stream media and the liberal left having a field day now?
The accusations of Trump being a racist are flying right and left. Of course, that is what happens when you shoot from the hip.
I gather that the other day he was having a discussion with staff and administration about the temporary protected status for Salvadorians, Haitians and other people from countries with similar problems.
We all know that he has a short fuse and it appears that when people were trying to convince him that the USA needed to continue to provide this protection, he lost his temper and said “why do we have to continue to let people from these s*** hole countries from Africa and else where into the USA”?
Well, as you can imagine he was immediately accused of being racist especially when he said he wouldn’t have a problem with people coming in from Norway, for example.
That was not because the people from Norway are white but because the people from Norway are not from a country with a dysfunctional government.
Every time a disaster occurs in one of these countries the US, Canada and other western countries are expected to pick up the pieces.
Years ago the US had a policy of providing temporary assistance by allowing thousands of people into the US if they were under threat from some disaster that had occurred.
I guess what got under the skin of Trump was the continuous extension of the temporary status of these situations as was the case with the people from El Salvador.
I think they were allowed into the US as a result of a civil war 18 years ago. There is no longer a civil war there so his question is, why are they still here? In his mind temporary is temporary.
Where is it written that the US and/or Canada for that matter MUST come to the rescue of the people from third world countries every time they have a disaster?
That is supposed to be the responsibility of the United Nations, however that organization is basically useless because most of its members are from dysfunctional dictatorships.
The UN seems to assume that it is the responsibility of the western world to come to and provide aid to the rest of the world. At the same time, when a situation like moving an embassy to Jerusalem occurs, the organization will vote against the hand that feeds them.
I don’t know if Trump is or is not a racist, but I believe he is sick and tired of the US being used by much of the rest of the world.
As he has said many times his responsibility is to the people of the United States, not the rest of the world and that is where he draws a line in the sand.
That is a concept that the media and the liberal left can’t seem to get their head around.
When you stop and think about it, that is a concept that our Prime Minister can’t seem to get his head around either.
He thinks it is much more important to have a representative on the UN Security Council than to be concerned about the welfare of his own people.
He has donated millions of our taxpayer dollars to what I call dysfunctional countries for climate change and heaven knows what else which will be basically wasted just so he can get a Canadian representative on the Security Council.
Since being elected as President, all of his efforts have been towards, as he sees it, the safety and welfare of the people of the US.
In my mind his problem has been that he is far too direct in trying to achieve his goals. Running a country is not like running a real estate conglomerate. Trump needs to develop patience and diplomacy. Unfortunately that won’t happen.

by Herman Schwenk

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