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Six former Coronationites, nicknamed the Gummer Gang, returned to celebrate their 60th birthdays together including, from the left, Linda McLean – nee Brigley, Denise Kneteman – nee Cote, Debbie Brigley – nee Gardiner, Cheryl Williamson – nee Brigley, Kathy Stephenson – nee Page and Wendy Stang – nee Stubbs, who grew up in Coronation and have remained very close friends for the last 60 years.



Words cannot express how perfect it was to return to Coronation to celebrate our 60th birthday.
We were all raised in Coronation and were so fortunate to grow up in a community of wonderful and caring people who hold a special place in our hearts. We all have so many special memories of our youth.
We have so many people to express our love and gratitude for making our return visit to Coronation a treasured memory. We feel truly blessed.
Special thanks to Jackie Brigley for her special welcome back home; Duane Kubinchak , Dale & Barry Brigley, for the Bull A Rama tickets in the Shark Cage; Marlene Gardiner for the chocolate cake and Blaine Scheffelmaier for the amazing hospitality. To all our family and friends who came out to the Coronation Dam for our birthday party celebration; you are all very special.
Thank you everyone from the bottom of our hearts;
Gummer Gang

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