Trudeau’s values

Ever since Justin Trudeau was elected as leader of the Liberal Party he has talked about values.
He made it clear from the start that anyone who was seeking a nomination to run for the Liberal party in an election had to agree that it was a woman’s right to choose, in other words his candidates could not be pro life.
He is now trying to force all Canadians into agreeing with what he considers a fundamental value by using a government program as a lever.
For years there has been a government grant available to assist students with summer employment. It was the Canada Summer Jobs program.
This program was used by church groups, charities, municipalities, small business etc. that provided temporary summer employment for students to financially assist with tuition and other expenses for secondary education.
Trudeau decided to put an additional “value” regulation in place this year to qualify for the grant. One of the regulations was in the application you had to attest to your support for abortion in order to qualify.
Many of the organizations that have traditionally used this program to afford to hire these students refused to agree to this regulation as it was contrary to their basic beliefs.
They are now trying to find other ways to finance summer student employment or have decided not to hire at all.
Trudeau can talk all he wants about his values but it is obvious that he does not really value the sanctity of life. He seems to think that what he considers as a value is the only value that is relevant.
What many Canadians consider as a fundamental value seems to be inherently wrong in his opinion. What values did he think he was supporting when he was traipsing all over India in his costumes pretending to believe in their culture and religion?
Somehow I don’t think the majority of those people would be in favour of his position on abortion.
I may be wrong but I think he was married in the Catholic Church. That church and many other churches are pro-life and opposed to abortion. If he was married in the Church he was being a hypocrite because by marrying in the church he was agreeing to the Church’s values.
Recently there was a town hall type meeting held by Amarjec Sohi the Infrastructure Cabinet Minister who is the MP from Sherwood Park.
A somewhat heated debate ensued over Trudeau’s value regulation to obtain a Canada Summer Jobs grant.
Finally a frustrated Shoi declared that the people could not tell the government how to spend THEIR money!
This is an example of the extreme arrogance that this government is demonstrating and they have been in power for less than three years. The government and their ministers have been disrespectful of taxpayers and their money right from day one.
He promised a deficit of 10 billion dollars but bumped that up to three times that amount within months. He hands out millions and billions of dollars to countries all over the world for various causes every time he leaves Canada.
With his dictatorial tendencies he seems to think he has a right to impose his values on all Canadians and increase our taxes to spend on programs that support his values.
It seems to me that in Trudeau’s eyes the whole world is a stage. He was a drama teacher and every thing he does appears to be from a position of acting on the world stage. The India trip was a prim example.
Every thing he does is an act to impress the audience.
His values give him the appearance of being a shallow individual, opposite of being a statesman.
In fact in a recent letter to the editor he was described as an empty suit. He really does not understand the value that would identify a true leader.
Herman Schwenk

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