Trudeau’s power grab

In the last few weeks, we have seen the Emergencies Act enacted for the first time, alarming and antagonistic rhetoric from the Prime Minister and the Liberal Government, and the silencing of Canadians who dared to voice their discontent with the Government and its decisions. Facing Trudeau’s authoritarian behaviour and the prospect of the prolonged use of the Emergencies Act, Canadians fought back with their voice. 

Over the last couple of weeks, my office alone received more than ten thousand pieces of correspondence and phone calls regarding the invocation of the Emergencies Act. 

Many of my colleagues in Ottawa have echoed similar reactions in their constituencies. This resounding response from Canadians and rebuke from the Conservative Party led to Prime Minister Trudeau dropping the Emergencies Act less than 10 days after declaring emergency measures were necessary, leaving him and the NDP scrambling to justify why these powers were needed for such a brief time. 

Within 60 days, the use of this measure will be scrutinized. Conservatives will work relentlessly to get to the bottom of this Trudeau-induced fiasco. 

Justin Trudeau has abused parliamentary procedure, created division amongst Canadians, and torqued issues for his own gain and there is no time where it has been on greater display than in 2022. 

Name-calling, accusing opponents to his measures of being terrible things, and meandering out loud if Canadians “should even tolerate these people” (in reference to the unvaccinated); we are witnessing the desperate attempts by the Prime Minister to hold onto power as he loses control of the country he is supposed to lead. 

The concept of good governance guides me in my work as your Member of Parliament, and you have reached out in record numbers affirming the need for this. 

These principles encourage respect and reason when tensions are high, and issues are contentious. They bring people to the table for discussion so we can hear each other out on all sides of the debate. 

Through COVID-19, our social interactions have been greatly limited and this has reduced the ability to have meaningful conversations about the things that affect us. 

While democracy is constantly evolving and we need a change in certain aspects, it can repair much of the damage and division caused by COVID and the actions of government. We just need good stewards of Parliament to voice the concerns of Canadians. 

The bottom line is this: Justin Trudeau used the Emergencies Act, an extraordinary measure that needed to be deliberated with great caution. Instead, he used it to clean up a political mess of his own creation even though it jeopardized the rights of Canadians and silenced his opponents. 

This is unacceptable and Canadians let him know it. Participation in the political process is important and this is a prime example. Your elected representatives must hear from you so they can be your voice.


By Damien C. Kurek, M.P. (Battle River—Crowfoot)

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