Trudeau shuts down Alberta’s attempt to strengthen democracy

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made five nominations to the Governor General to fill vacant seats in the Senate of Canada on Thurs. July 29.

Of these nominations, one vacancy filled was for a seat to represent Alberta. 

This is despite the fact that Albertans have chosen to elect senators. 

Kurek sent a letter today to the Prime Minister to demand that Albertans’ democratic choice be respected. They shared, “This is a clear and flagrant disregard of will of Albertans.”

The Prime Minister has received requests from the Leader of Canada’s Conservatives, the Provincial Government, and many other prominent Albertans, asking him to wait until after the Senate election in October, when Albertans will elect three new Senators in Waiting. 

“These criticisms are not a personal attack against Ms. Sorensen, nor an attempt to undermine her experience or qualifications, but rather a criticism against how the Prime Minister chose to circumvent Alberta’s wishes,” Kurek stated.

The disappointment of this selection is compounded by the fact that Alberta is under-represented by population in the Senate already. 

Kurek closed by saying, “It is clear: The Prime Minister either doesn’t care that he is tearing the country apart, or it is part of his political agenda to maintain power at any cost. Either way, Albertans and all Canadians deserve better.”


By Damien C. Kurek

Battle River—Crowfoot MP

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