Trudeau intent on forcing values of his inner circle

Dear Editor,
In the Feb. 15th edition of the ECA Review, B. P. Schimke correctly stated that “reproductive rights” are not a Canadian value. However, she is incorrect in stating that “reproductive rights” are a Canadian right under the Constitution.
While abortion is legal in Canada, it has not been declared a “right” under the Charter.
Our puppet PM does not appear to understand the difference and is intent upon forcing the values of his inner circle of liberal lobbyists upon all Canadians. For further information check out
What hypocrites we are: appalled at the messy brutality of terrorists and school shooters, but silently approving of the tidy disposal of the pre-born and unwanted seniors.
However, there is hope! Educated young people, aware of the latest medical discoveries in IVF, pre-natal and palliative care are taking leadership roles in supporting and increasing awareness of pro-life issues.
In our rural communities, families value their elderly and support their teen Moms. It is time for calm, reasoned debate and education on the issues of abortion and euthanasia.
I choose to support life. What is your choice?
Pat Holloway
Castor, Ab.

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