Trudeau contempt for Canadian tradition

I am a member of Canada’s National Firearms Association and as a result I receive the Canadian Firearms Journal.
In the last issue was an article written by Bruce Gold, about firearms being part of the tradition in the development of Canada as an independent nation.
Some of what I read really opened my eyes on how our Prime Minister views our country. I will quote some of what was in this article so you don’t get the idea that I made this stuff up.
The journal says, “Trudeau has not been shy about his absolute contempt for Canadian traditions and history.
For him, there ‘is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada.’ He freely shares his bizarre ahistorical idea that Canada has no cultural center at all, just ‘shared values: openness, respect, compassion, willingness to work hard, to be there for each other, to search for equality and justice.
‘These are the qualities that supposedly make us the first ‘post-national’ state.”
The journal goes on to question, “Openness to what? Just non-judgmental openness itself?
“One can easily make a long list of third world practices and customs utterly at odds with the ‘non-existent’ Canadian mainstream.
“Does our openness require us to be open to all of them? Another question, ‘what exactly is equity and justice, without some content to reveal what is meant’?”
Clearly Trudeau has no respect or appreciation for how Canada came to be.
The article goes on to say, “The Liberals have been loud in their criticism of Harper daring to use the term ‘old stock Canadian’. That squabble arose from Harper using the term when he said bogus immigrants were not entitled to health care, which was superior to what everyone else got.
“He said this was ‘something that both new and old-stock Canadians can agree with.’
“The outrage over the term was immediate.

“Clearly, the Liberals think the people whose traditions created Canada and made it what it is over generations of labour should not have any special recognition.”
It just boggles my mind that these people seem to have no clue as to why Canada is today a very unique and special country.
If Trudeau’s vision of the country had been the vision that created this country, today we would be a third world country just like many of the countries in Central and South America.
Canada’s Government was structured after the British Parliamentary system.
That system evolved over eight centuries beginning in 1215. In 1867 when Canada became a nation in its own right, the British Parliamentary system was adopted as our system of government.
Disrespect for Canada’s system of government was apparent when Justin’s father was the Prime Minister and did a pirouette behind Queen Elizabeth’s back at the time that the Constitution was repatriated.
On this issue it would seem that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.
When Canada became a nation, our culture was Christian Caucasian. Trudeau does not believe that this should be the case any longer.
The real problem that we have now is a result of Pierre Trudeau’s “multi-cultural” policy.
It has resulted in new immigrants setting up ethnic enclaves in the large urban centers instead of assimilating into the general population.
When people immigrate into another country they should be expected to adopt the basic culture of that country.
Evidently the Liberal vision is to make Canada a mishmash of many cultures so that we do not stand for anything.
I would challenge Mr. Trudeau to go to one of the Middle East counties and try to impose our culture on them! Over there they persecute and kill Christians.
If this country is going to continue to exist with a real identity, it will be necessary for immigrants to respect the traditions on which this this country was built and so should the Prime Minister.

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