Troublesome deer at Castor residence

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Castor council is in need of pictures and a written plan before a decision is made regarding Castor resident Ray Holloway’s request to install a barrier fence to protect his property from deer.
Holloway expressed concern at the Nov. 13 regular Castor town council meeting that deer have been entering his corner lot decimating trees and devouring hundreds of dollars worth of flowers.
Council was also informed that because of the high deer population, Holloway has been bitten by ticks twice in the last two summers. Fortunately he has not contracted Lyme’s disease.
There currently is no fence on the property, as Holloway was asked to remove the deer fence that was previously in place even though it was effective.
Holloway proposed to council the idea of installing a six foot tall fence in hopes to deter deer from entering the property. Council was assured that the fence would be not only effective but also attractive.
Current Castor bylaw states the fence in front of a property can not be higher than four feet, although if aesthetically pleasing a permit could be issued for a fence of greater height.
Holloway’s plan is in install a wrought iron fence on the west and southwest side of the property and a stone masonry fence on the remainder of the perimeter.

The recreation board will be following up with PGA Architects for a projected timeline of the arena renovation project and conditions if the project runs over the given timeline.
A job posting may possibly be created for an Oversight Manager for the arena renovation between the engineering firm and the contractors.
Council heard the information for a new skate sharpener at $2,500 that is “fool proof” to operate that would require less manual labour.
Council will consider it for next year’s budget.
The pre-registered fitness classes have been well attended, however some mornings have only had three attendees. Each class needs an attendance of seven to break-even.
Revenue to date for the fitness class program is $11,306, while expenditures total $20,309. The fitness class was given a one year trial with the year soon coming to a close.

Capital budget
CAO Jackson said that the past 5-Year Capital Budget was a “wish list” of items they wished to spend capital funds on.
The new Municipal Government Act (MGA) stated that in the future if Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) and grant money is to be spent, it has to appear on a 5-Year Capital Budget.
The past budget was only a list of items, now they will need to feature how these items are to be paid for.

Flowers or flags?
More research is to be done on the proposed plan to replace the hanging flower baskets with decorative flags.
The flags in question are a mesh flag with a life time of up to 10 years and a factory warranty of five years. The switch to flags could save hours worked each summer morning watering the hanging baskets.
Community members initially had been able to purchase memorial flower pots, included in the price was the cost of the pot and flowers for the first year. Those who purchase memorial pots are asked to make yearly donations towards the cost of replanting flowers.
These donation numbers are low and the town has been covering the cost of flowers.

Committee reports
The Castor and District Museum reported to have #5,
raised over $23,000 at the Fall Gala. The Castor Volunteer Fire Department reported on their haunted house event, which raised $450 and groceries for the food bank.
Coun. Wismer moved the motion to upgrade the fire radios. CAO Jackson attended a Highway 12 Regional Communications Group meeting on Nov. 10. It is recommended to proceed with upgrades to the fire radio systems at a cost of $20,500. The upgrade cost is to be divided between the six members: Castor, Halkirk, Coronation, Veteran, Consort and Altario.

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