Troubles at 70th Street

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There has been an ongoing problem with commercial and passenger vehicles using the service road north of Highway 12, just west of 70th Street, as a shortcut to avoid the traffic lights at the intersection of 70th Street and Highway 12.
On July 2, 2013 the Town of Stettler passed a motion to sign the road “Local Traffic Only”, giving the RCMP the authority to issue tickets for violations. Speed has also been an issue. The Town had previously asked the Transportation Department to reduce the speed limit to 50 km/hour.
“If the lights were right, we wouldn’t be having this problem,” said Councillor Steven Wildeboer. “I’ve seen more than eight vehicles backed up waiting for the light to change because of the infrequency of the green light going north and south.”
A motion was unanimously passed to write a letter directly to the Transportation Minister, Hon. Ric McIvor, highlighting the need to make timely changes to what has become a very dangerous intersection.
Parking lot sweeping
The Town has provided free power sweeping for all businesses, institutions and churches since 1994 because there were no private providers. CAO, Rob Stoutenberg advised that currently about 20 parking lots are swept in the spring, costing the town around $4,000.  These include larger areas such as the mall, Walmart, motels, and organizations that do not pay taxes such as the Stettler Housing Authority Lodge, hospital and schools.
WTS Manufacturing & Sales Inc., is interested in starting a business in the community offering parking lot power sweeping, line painting, pressure washing and welding.  In a unanimous vote, councillors requested Administration to bring back an amended policy which would eliminate municipally-provided parking lot power sweeping, except for not-for-profits.  If the option is there, councillors prefer the private sector do the job as a municipality’s mandate is to provide services only up to property lines.
A used compactor (asphalt roller) has been purchased by the Town for $63,000, including tax, and an additional $5,000 was budgeted to cover shipping fees, from Vulcan, Ab., and to service the machine.  The existing roller is smaller and it is good for potholes and small compaction areas. The new purchase will be used to complete road oil projects and asphalt patches.
There are two site visits planned for potential new doctors to Stettler, one on July 6 and another on July 22, 2013. Aubrey Brown, Executive Director, Stettler Regional Board of Trade and Community Development, is coordinating the visits.

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