Trochu Dog Show a great hit

The Evelyn Kenny Kennel and Obedience Club’s first-ever dog show in Trochu, July 12–15, marked the start of what Mayor Barry Kletke sees as a beneficial five-year relationship. The club is a small, all breed Calgary dog club that runs conformation and obedience events.

The club, which normally stages its annual show closer to Calgary, struck a five-year (2019–2023) deal with Trochu that will see the Lions Campground given over to the group at the beginning of July for four days.

The venue is impressive: small town Trochu’s spacious and modern campground packed end to end with a bewildering variety of tents, trailers, merchandizing outlets, and huge motor homes. The grooming areas, show tents and adjudication areas were packed with 11 judges from Canada, the States, Australia, and the Philippines with more than 400 dogs of every conceivable size, shape and form and well over 200 participants of every conceivable size, shape and form.

With this being the club’s thirty third annual show, Club President Rhonda Bailey thanked the Town of Trochu and community “for treating us so well. We look forward to returning for the next five years. We have heard nothing but positive reviews.”

Those positive reviews may have resulted, in part, from some show participants visiting the Lodge with their animals and that there was no campground admission fee for visitors. A food concession company from Three Hills was also on hand to serve the constant flow of participants and visitors.

When asked to comment on the club’s first year in town, Mayor Kletke said, “We are always happy when events like this bring significant numbers of visitors and a huge economic impact to our area.”


David Nadeau

ECA Review

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