Travelling art exhibit at Theresetta Catholic School

Cara Penner, Jillian Heidecker, Grace Roland and Kyla Beaumont study by Camille Louis which are featured in the travelling art exhibit “Dreaming of My Great Mother” hosted at Theresetta Catholic School, in Castor, from Jan 24 to Feb 21.

Castor’s Theresetta Catholic School hosted “Dreaming of My Great Mother”, a travelling art exhibit, from Jan. 24 to Feb. 21.
The exhibit is created by First Nations artists Camille Louis, Heather Shillinglaw and Carla Rae Taylor who use their canvases as narratives to look into the past and connect with their grandmothers and Mother Earth.
This is the third exhibit featured at Theresetta this school year.
Secretary, Christine Nichols, shared that Theresetta has been part of the program for roughly 10 years, displaying an average two exhibits a year.
“The exposure of art to students is very important,” expressed Nichols, “this gives them an opportunity they might not be able to experience otherwise.”
Students Kyla Beaumont (Gr. 5), Cara Penner (Gr. 5), Jillian Heidecker (Gr. 5) and Grace Roland (Gr. 6) spoke very highly of the exhibit and shared their favourite pieces. The incorporation of the culture and heritage of the artists was especially important and moving for the young girls.
“It is so inspiring,” said Beaumont , “I love the use of colour and how it pops!”
The public is encouraged to attend the travelling exhibits, the next can be expected during the 2018-2019 school year.

Emily Wheller
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