Traffic safety concerns expressed

Council received a letter from citizen Annette Allen indicating traffic rules were not being followed along Norfolk Avenue and Royal Street. Drivers are exceeding the speed limit and the stops signs are not being obeyed. Allen also expressed concerns about the placement of the playground signs. A letter will be sent to Allen addressing her concerns and the local RCMP will be contacted to do more enforcement control. Public Works will be directed to place additional playground signs where needed and efforts will be made to educate the public on road safety by presenting traffic rules in the upcoming town newsletter.

Town website upgraded 

Vital Effect from Camrose will be redesigning the town website to make it more user friendly. Some of the elements of the current website are no longer working and council wants the public to be able to access information easily. The cost for the web site redesign will be $499 with a monthly maintenance fee of $39.99.

Edible Forest

Coun. Ron Checkel gave an update on the Edible Forest that is located behind the large ball diamond in town. Communities in Bloom committee have made a start on the forest by planting 60 Maple trees which will provide a colourful background for the forest. Fruit bearing trees such as Evan Cherries, Black Currants, Saskatoons and Choke Cherries will be added later. Edible Forests are becoming popular in many communities as they provide food in public spaces and they educate the population on what types of trees can be grown in their area. Once the trees have been established and grow fruit the public can feel free to pick the fruit and use it as fresh produce or preserve it for the winter months. Checkel also mentioned the school children will be constructing homes that resemble natural habitats for bees and these will be placed in the forest. This will be an educational opportunity for the children as they will learn about what types of homes bees live in and the important role that bees play in pollinating fruit trees.

Parking on grass

Council discussed that some residents are parking vehicles on their front lawns and leaving them there for extended periods of time. This will be brought to the attention of the bylaw officer.

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