Traffic Bylaw analysis continues

Council picked up where they left off by reviewing the Traffic Bylaw as they continue to look at each segment in depth during their meeting on Wed. Mar. 6.

The rules of parking were this week’s topic.

One of the rules requires vehicles to not park within five metres of a fire hydrant, marked crosswalk or stop or yield sign.

Recently, a new stop sign was erected in the village to curb speeding in a residential area which happens to also be located close to a school zone.

A resident who lives right outside of this stop sign has lived on the property longer than the sign so councillors felt there should be some discretion for the homeowner when it comes to parking vehicles near his property.

The bylaw acts as a way for law enforcement to have backing when investigating a complaint.

The system is complaint driven.

Another concern coming from both residents and councillors was idle times in a residential district.

Some residents earn their living by truck driving so some semi-trailer trucks can be seen parked overnight in these areas and are sometimes run for long periods of time in the morning to warm up.


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