Trackhoe upset during Alliance Hotel site cleanup

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The community was saddened by the untimely passing of  Gerry Hofer this week. Deepest sympathy goes out to his two daughters, Brittany and Carlie and their mother, Lynda Anderson.
I’m sorry to report that Terry Clark is in hospital.  Best wishes for a complete recouvery, Terry.
Congratulations to Natasha Rust and Codie Beres upon the birth of a baby girl.  Anna Michelle was born April 25 in Stettler.  She weighed eight pounds 5.5 ounces.  She is the first grandchild for the Rusts and the second for Gramma Michelle Beres.
Facebook has been full of RIP’s from George Jones fans this week.
The hotel site was cleaned up this week.  There has been two big holes filled with debris from the fire since December.  Track hoes were used to clean it out and then fill it in with dirt.  One of the machines had the misfortune to get too close to the edge and flip on it’s side.  That created quite a point of interest as the uprighting operation took place.
Lydia Thoen, sister-in-law of Hazel Wold and aunt of Len Wold died at  Blind Bay, BC where she had lived for many years.  She was 102.
ACWW’s Women Walk the World took place on Monday, April 29. A group from  Alliance joined  for the second year.  Last year there was sponsorship of $120 to go toward ACWW projects.  There are three main areas that are funded by the group, Women Feed the World, Water For All and special projects.
The fire department was out to a fire on Saturday afternoon.
On Sunday, Peter and I went to Wainwright to have lunch with old friends and neighbours, Jim and Freela Brown.  They live in Lloydminster now but we meet half way a couple of times a year for a good visit.
There were about 30 delegates to Presbytery for the meeting in Alliance on Wednesday.  The Coronation Presbytery meets four times a year in different charges around the area. The April meeting is a two day affair.  Forestburg hosted day one.
The WI is getting into the finishing details for the 100th anniversary celebration on June 30.  Train tickets are available for the ride from Kiron Junction to Alliance for $50 each.  The train ride is open to everyone.  I have the tickets.  780-789-3970.

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