Track of fear and despair

Dear Editor,

I have done my level best over the past few years to stay away from the subject of climate change when writing letters to the ECA Review.

Others have certainly covered every possible aspect of this controversial subject so I have felt my input would simply be repetitious and unnecessary.

It is not the subject itself that has caused me distress in the last year or so but the methods of those pushing the narrative and who they indoctrinate in order to do their bidding.

It is not uncommon for those who are basically getting rich by supporting such a doctrine to place the most vulnerable at the head of the line, to take the first round of bullets so to speak.

In the matter of climate change, the first casualties will be our children, not due to the temperature of our globe but because of the fear and complete lack of hope the so-called adults in the room have caused.

Rallies that have taken place in Canada, Australia, the United States and Europe where children carry placards stating we only have 10 years left to live, that billions will die before long because our governments are not doing enough to stop this.

To me, this tends to be far more criminal than any other attack on the youth of our day.

What effect does this have on a 10-year-old? Ask Parker Renshaw of Brisbane, Australia. This was his comment as he marched with fellow students: “We are “fearful” for our future,” he stated. Another student carried a sign that stated: “You will die of old age, we will die from Global Warming.”

These are the wonderful years of childhood when children should be free of this type of fear and responsibility.

But no, those who should be reassuring their children are instead using them as props or poster children for the Al Gores and Elizabeth Mays of this world.

These are the proponents who claim they are very concerned about the next generation and what will happen to them, all while putting them on a track that only the train of fear and despair travels on.

We have all been treated to the propaganda that has permeated our news for the last few weeks about such a poster child, Greta Thunberg.

A sixteen-year-old girl who from her own account stated on TEDxTalk, Stockholm, Nov. 24, 2018, suffered from depression, Asperger’s syndrome which is a mental condition similar to Autism, obsessive-compulsive disorder which causes a person to have uncontrollable reoccurring thoughts as well as the urge to repeat those thoughts over and over again.

Then lets top it off with mutism, which is an unwillingness to speak arising from psychological causes such as depression or trauma.

One wonders how long her promoters searched for someone as vulnerable as Greta, someone they could manipulate so well.

How sad it will be someday when she realizes just how she has been used.

For all the organizations, such as Extinction Rebellion, who claim we have a climate crisis or emergency I would like to say this…

If you want to take a 10-year-old’s word for it, or Greta Thunberg for that matter, that is your business, but as for me, I would far rather rest easy and believe the Creator of the entire universe and His promise found in Genesis 8:22 – While the Earth Remains, Seedtime and harvest, Cold and heat, Winter and summer, Day and night, Shall not cease.


Faye Pearson,


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